Wednesday, March 27, 2013

SLUT RIVER - Live on Radio K!

Some new stuff from their upcoming LP and few classics thrown in. Recorded live in Minneapolis by Jessica Kats, art by Samantha Ashcraft.

Labels n friends get in touch fer trade or wholesale.

 4-white on black
16-red on white
30-white on flannel


2face-off white
covered lefthand
no need
double v-card
i don't need you anymore

Monday, March 25, 2013


BEGGARS/SLUT RIVER winter tour photos.  Live on radio K analogs coming soon...

The Atlantic Hotel, Missoula, MT 

New years in kc,mo...


ana's(baez) leg after a drunk bully was done pissing all over his house and drinking his own urine then proceeds to throw a barber chair down a flight of stairs.  i was the target, but it got ana instead :(((...... she played two sets a night for the next 3weeks anyways. 

Austin, TX

potty mouth(mass) in nola
Crescent views 
south beach, miami

Live on Radio K, Mineapolis. Thanks TOTAL TRASH.
SLUT RIVER, Millwauke
Echo Park, LA
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